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To-Do List, Mission: Mouse Style

When it comes to making lists, I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m the bomb! (I didn’t say accomplishing the things on the list, just making the list.) Normally, I don’t have a to-do list when I go to Disney World.  Our family picks one or two things we’ve never done before, and at least two new restaurants we’ve never eaten at, and as long as we get those things done along with our regular ride plan, we’re one happy family!

My next business trip (yes, that sounds funny) to Disney World is in just two weeks! This time, no hubs and kiddos, it’s just me, combined with our agency owner, Debi.  The negative side – if there can be one – It’s just two days!! What’s a girl to do with only two days at the parks? Why, check out all of the things that are on your list of things to do, of course!
Here’s what I’ve got so far:
1) Debi won’t be there until the late morning, which means I’m on my own for the first part of the day. I have always wanted to go on the Behind the Seeds Tour – the one they tell you about as your boat floats around the inside of the Living With the Land ride. I admit it, this is not the most thrilling ride at EPCOT, but I love it! Plants growing upside down out of sprinkler hoses? Giant pumpkins suspended from the sky? Absolutely fascinating! So why haven’t I done the tour yet when I have hundreds of pictures of various plants from every boat ride we’ve taken? One, my family only humors me when we ride this ride – I think they’d all rather be on Test Track, but hey, they things you do for love, right? And two, folks usually assume “Private Tour at Disney = $$$. Seriously folks, this tour is just $16. SIXTEEN DOLLARS! For $16 you bet your sweet patooty, this girl is going on that tour, and I will love every minute of it!
2) Characters in Flight.  My hubby doesn’t do well with heights. Need I say more? I, on the other hand, cannot wait to hop in this giant balloon and take panoramic pictures from all around the skyline!
3) Stop by Caribbean Beach Resort for the sole purpose of buying a Chocolate Chunky Monkey cupcake from the food court. Chocolate cupcake, filled with bananas and a luscious cream, topped with a peanut butter frosting drizzled with chocolate… Yes I am making a special trip just to get a cupcake. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.
4) Spend an evening at Chip and Dale’s Campfire Sing Along. They hold this sing along nightly at Fort Wilderness behind the Meadow Trading Post. Basically, they bring the campfire, you bring the marshmallows, hot dogs, and sticks and your best sing-along voice. (You can buy a stick if you forgot to whittle one before you came, or if you just can’t find one on the ground.) It’s followed up by a movie – Disney,  of course – about 45 minutes later. There’s no particular reason this is on my list of things to do again, especially since the kids aren’t with me, other than that it’s a nice, warm and fuzzy thing to do, and yes, I do enjoy the quiet side of Disney in addition to the exciting, fun things. And of course, I want to make sure nothing has changed.  

5) Be Our Guest for lunch! I am very fortunate. I’ve been to Be Our Guest Restaurant not one but THREE times! The first was for an Agent Training week in November. The second was in December for our family trip, and the third was on a return business trip.  All of these have been by chance – the first was during Sneak Preview week before New Fantasyland opened officially. We went with several agents – oh what a fun night that was!
The second was on the night of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. You could only make a reservation if you were staying for the party, which we were. And the third was the result of waiting, and waiting, and waiting. (Have I mentioned the French Onion Soup? No? It’s terrible. Don’t get it. That leaves more for me.  Hee hee hee.) Seriously, the soup is amazing. BOG is now one of my favorite restaurants on Disney property, which says a lot! That said, as fortunate as I am to have eaten so many times, especially since it’s currently more desirable than a meal at Cinderella’s Castle (don’t believe me? Try making a reservation for both and see which one pops up first!), all of my meals have been dinner. I’ve never eaten for lunch, which is a Quick-Service meal, no reservation required! Get outta town!  Definitely have to compare for my clients. So yes, this is on my list of things to do. Have soup for lunch. Followed by a Monkey cupcake. Divine.

6) The Keys to the Kingdom Tour at Magic Kingdom Park. A gift from Debi. I like to think I know a ton about the parks, Walt, and Disney. But I would never assume I know everything, and I love getting to see and hear insider info from the parks. 

7) Check out the refurb to the queue on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to see if it’s complete yet!

8) Take pictures of the Mine ride and see how it’s coming along.

9) Check out Hollywood Studios for the latest reimagineering of Disney Jr, Live on Stage! to see the newest additions of Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First.

Whew. That’s all I have so far. (And of course, ride some rides, grab a Dole Whip, and a few other things!) But every day I think of something new to add to this list, and I have to remind myself it’s just two days!  Which begs the question: If you had just two days, and could do/see anything you wanted, what would you pick?

ºOº Karen

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