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Why Use An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner?

We know you could book your trip yourself. But here are the Top 10 Reasons to Use a Vacation Planner for your Disney Vacation:

10) We give you our personal expertise! Walt Disney World alone is HUGE! There are over 25 resort hotels, plus Downtown Disney (renamed Disney Springs), plus over 200 restaurants, within 40 miles – there’s only so much you can cram into a vacation. Don’t spend your vacation wondering if you’re at the “right” resort for you, or if you could have chosen a better restaurant. Let our experience guide you!

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9) We help you decide which time of the year is best based on statistical information. There are HUGE differences depending on when you go. That includes COST, CROWD LEVEL, and WEATHER. The same vacation week may be $2000 different, 50 degrees hotter, or elbow to elbow crowd levels, depending on the week you choose. Why guess? Why spend extra? Let us help you decide!

8) We are your restaurant guide! I mentioned over 200 restaurants. Did you know you can dine with Jake and Sophia? Or Cinderella and Ariel? But what if your little princess loves Belle? But you didn’t realize Belle has her own restaurant at Akershus? Or what if you made your dining reservation right in the middle of the afternoon parade? These are the types of things we help you with!

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7) We give you what you want most in life – TIME. Need Fast Pass reservations? We make them for you. Flying in? We’ll make your Magical Express reservations. We would all love to add time to our day. Let us handle the work and remind you of upcoming magical deadlines, so YOU can get to enjoying life! Granted SOME families LOVE to plan their own vacations. We’re here if you need help, and again, you’re not spending any more money than if you booked through a nameless, faceless online entry form. (We have faces, I promise.)

6) Everyone’s an expert. You know that lady in the mom club that visits the same resort for the same week each year. The guy who went once last year and did “all the work himself”. The guy who works with your neighbor’s son’s mail carrier that read what to do on a fan group but has never actually been. They all have ideas about the perfect trip. But only a vacation planner will listen to YOUR family’s needs, your favorite characters, your ideal resort, and help you choose a vacation based on YOU. Even better, ALL of our agents are graduates of the College of Disney Knowledge. We attend annual refresher training, as well as stay up to date on park news. AND between our combined trips as well as our agents who came from the Disney College Program, rest assured our team are EXPERTS in our field.

5) We work hard, and we know you do too! No one has a money tree in their back yard. (And if you do, can we be friends?) We monitor the sales, discounts, and promotions. If one can be applied – even if you’ve already booked – we’ll do our best to apply it and help you save money. We have saved our guests anywhere from $20 to $3000 simply by applying discounts to a trip they reserved before the discount was released.

4) We help you plan step-by-step – but ONLY if you want! Some families want an unstructured plan to JUST do the top five must-do’s each day, with pool time and relaxation in between. Others want a full touring plan with ride-this-ride, then turn left and ride-this-ride next. Most families are somewhere in between. We help develop the perfect plan to maximize your time and optimize your schedule for the perfect blend of touring and relaxing.

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3) Need to go beyond the parks? Want to know the ins and outs of Disney Cruise Line (Gary’s favorite)? Or Disneyland (Karen’s favorite)? Aulani? Adventures by Disney? We have been to and love MANY of the Disney Destinations. We will help find the PERFECT vacation for you, whether it’s Walt Disney World or beyond!

2) Impartial advice. If you’ve ever called Disney directly (or many other travel-related adventures) you’ll ask a question – should I dine here? Or HERE? and get something like this: “Oh those are both great options!” We know you want honest answers to your questions. We know you want to know what you can skip, and what your must-do’s are, which attractions need Fast Passes, and which ones you can walk on. We aren’t afraid to give you the information you’re searching for to help you have a truly magical vacation.

1) It’s FREE! Yep! Free! Booking your vacation plan with us costs no more than booking it directly. Everything I’ve mentioned above is included when you book your trip with one of our agents! Additionally, you can get a FREE, no-obligation quote while we find the perfect vacation for you. Ready for your quote? Contact us now:

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