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So now you know! There’s a different way to “Do Disney.”

For the Toontown Family, a Disney cruise is something completely different than the parks. I asked Gary forĀ five words to sum up a Disney Cruise. He says? “No crowds!”

What he means to say is that when you travel on a Disney cruise, even with 2,000 other travelers, it always feels like there are “just the right amount of people”. Not too many, not too few. There are so many things to do – nightly movies, shows, deck parties, fine dining, pools, basketball courts and a sports deck – plus your favorite character meet and greets! Try the spa, or adults-only quiet pool, nightclubs and lounges, dinner shows, movies, Bingo – you name it, we probably have it on a Disney cruise!


The Ginger Twins? Here’s what they say you should know:

N: The Waterslide (AquaDunk). You NEED to go. Marvel Avengers Academy? And Hello, a WHOLE PRIVATE ISLAND that no one else but Disney can come to.

AB: Dining. It’s awesome. Your waiter stays with you for the whole time until you get off the ship. You can order whatever you want. There are buffets – you can eat anything you want. There’s an ice cream machine – you can eat it all day long! It’s on the deck with the pool.

N: Yes! You can watch movies while you’re INSIDE the pool!

AB: A pool for big kids and little kids.

N: You need to know about the kids’ clubs. There are art games, pirate games, dancing games, and you can meet Pirate Mickey! The Oceaneer Club and the Oceaneer Lab! You can go here WITHOUT your parents. No grownups allowed.

AB: And parties! Don’t forget the parties! And you can see movies that are in the theaters and live action shows!

N: Like the Golden Mickeys.

AB: “Golden Mickeys” is the best!!

So there you go. Straight from the Toontown family!

(And that’s BEFORE you ever step off the ship and go to your ports!)

Let us help you plan your next Disney cruise today. You will LOVE it.