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What’s New Wednesday Part 1: St...

What’s New Wednesday Part 1: Star Wars Dining During Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios

For all my Star Wars Fans out there, Disney is doing something brand new this year – Star Wars-themed Character meals for a limited time!  (Pick yourselves up off the floor so you can keep reading!)  Booking begins TODAY for Star Wars Character Meals. The meals will start effective May 4th, and features dining at […]

Goofy’s Candy Co Pineapple Spea...

Goofy’s Candy Co Pineapple Spear – Like Heaven on a Stick

One of our favorite going-home rituals of Disney World is to stop at Downtown Disney and do some shopping. A little stop at World of Disney, some Christmas ornament shopping at Disney’s Days of Christmas, and yes, a stop at Goofy’s Candy Co. Display cases full of yummy goodness like caramel Mickey apples, rice crispy […]

Service at Be Our Guest

Service at Be Our Guest

It’s no secret that Florida weather is hot, day in and day out. It’s also no secret that Be Our Guest is the most popular restaurant in Magic Kingdom (and arguably, Walt Disney World). Its reservation-only dinner service combined with quick-service lunch make it appealing to everyone on the dining plan. (Not to mention the […]

Snack Review: Powdered Sugar Dusted C...

Snack Review: Powdered Sugar Dusted Corn Nuggets

About the snack: One word: Yummmmm! These little bites of yummy goodness are basically a bite full of sweet creamed corn, battered and deep fried to a golden brown. They’re pulled out fresh and piping hot, then dusted with sugar. I know what you’re thinking… Ewww (because that’s what I thought too!) but they’re quite […]

Meal & Restaurant Review: Wolfga...

Meal & Restaurant Review: Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe

My family almost always drives to and from Disney, reserving air travel for quick trips only. That said, not having to catch a flight means we have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to our departure day breakfasts and try to mix it up to keep informed for our travel clients. We love […]

Scotland Featured in 2013 Food &...

Scotland Featured in 2013 Food & Wine Feastival

During the 18th Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, Sept. 27 – Nov. 11, 2013, Disney chefs will debut authentic tastes of Scotland at the 46-day festival. Traditional flavors will pair with beers, meads and Scotch at the new Scotland Marketplace designed by Walt Disney Imagineering. Scottish officials were so impressed with the hit Disney […]

Eat to the Beat, at Disney’s EP...

Eat to the Beat, at Disney’s EPCOT

Every year, coinciding with the Food and WIne Festival at EPCOT, Disney invites some wonderful musical acts from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to perform for you for FREE with your park ticket admission!  You simply come in, enjoy the park, and enjoy your show, with our without snacks in hand!   Daily show times for […]

How To Budget And Pay For Your Disney...

How To Budget And Pay For Your Disney Vacation

As die-hard Disney fans, my family has been to Disney World more ways than I can count. Not times. Ways. You see, a trip to Disney World (or Disneyland) isn’t cheap. Some families are lucky enough to go annually, and some save up for that once-in-a-lifetime trip. For us, we go based on our budget. […]

New Disney World Sale Released for La...

New Disney World Sale Released for Late Summer…

Eenie Meenie, Miney Mo. To Which Disney Resort Should I Go? Not sure which Disney Resort is right for you this Fall? Will certain specials steer you one way or another? Here’s a little insight to help you decide.  Disney has released their Disney-Visa-Cardholder-Only discount for hotel rooms for the late summer.  Need details? Here […]

The Best Hot Chocolate Ever (aka, How...

The Best Hot Chocolate Ever (aka, How You Can Consume 27,000 Caloriesin a Weekend While Staying at a Disney Resort’s Concierge Level)

I don’t know about you, but every Disney trip I’ve been on is the best diet ever! I go, eat pretty much whatever I want, and then *poof* come back from my vacation 10 lbs lighter. It’s amazing! Well, that is, until my last visit, when I came back a pound worse. How does that […]

Service Review: Special Dietary Needs

Service Review: Special Dietary Needs

Let’s say you’re in your hometown about to go out to eat, and someone in your party has a food allergy. What do you do? Bring your own food for them? Limit them to just one or two items to choose from? Or tell them where you’re going in advance so they have plenty of […]