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The Best Hot Chocolate Ever (aka, How You Can Consume 27,000 Caloriesin a Weekend While Staying at a Disney Resort’s Concierge Level)

I don’t know about you, but every Disney trip I’ve been on is the best diet ever! I go, eat pretty much whatever I want, and then *poof* come back from my vacation 10 lbs lighter. It’s amazing! Well, that is, until my last visit, when I came back a pound worse. How does that even happen?

You see, I am a self-proclaimed hot chocolate connoisseur. I love it. I can tell you what brand it is while drinking blindfolded. I have tasted everything from Swiss Miss to Starbucks, to locally-made $12 hot chocolate. On a recent visit however, I discovered the creme de la creme of all hot chocolates. The best cocoa cocktail I’ve ever tasted!

Staying on the concierge level has many perks, like the time I forgot to pack a toothbrush, and one was there waiting on me, along with toothpaste, which has an amazingly light minty flavor.

Not so overpowering that it knocks you out, and oddly, makes you brush for even longer than usual because it’s so mild and refreshing. ((Where was I? Oh yes, hot chocolate.)  Part of the concierge level perks include turndown service, and your own resting place – a locked, limited access lounge area with televisions, refreshments, maps, and a personal concierge available to plan any missed details. In the morning, you’ll find breakfast foods on the buffet bar, and in the afternoon you’ll find snacks and munchies.

It was there I made what shall forever be known as “the best hot chocolate ever”.  The recipe is simple: Take the provided paper pup. Pour in one packet of hot chocolate, plus a tiny bit more from a second packet. Save packet in your purse for your next cup. Go to hot water machine and begin filling cup with hot water. Notice that next to the hot water is a frothy steamed milk spout. Hmmm. Stop water. Start adding frothy steamed milk instead of water. Notice hazelnut syrup bottle. Nuts and chocolate go well together, don’t they, Self? Yes, I think they do. Add a splash of hazelnut syrup. Stir. Blow off to cool. Sip. Faint.

Yes, it was that good. I am certain the cocoa itself was rich, but adding the cappuccino milk made it light and fluffy, while the hazelnut syrup adding a different taste altogether. I could have skipped the parks and just made cup after cup of cocoa all day. Just kidding. Who would do that? But I did find myself making a cup each morning before going to the parks, as well as one for the road on the day I left. So there you have it. An alternate reason to stay at the concierge level: the ability to make simply the best hot chocolate ever. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

°o° ~ Karen

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