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Meal & Restaurant Review: Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe

My family almost always drives to and from Disney, reserving air travel for quick trips only. That said, not having to catch a flight means we have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to our departure day breakfasts and try to mix it up to keep informed for our travel clients.

We love Cape May as a send off, and for Fast Food, our favorite is the McDonalds at exit 74 on I-4. (Have you seen the menu? What DON’T they have? Seriously.)

Today was mix-it-up day, so we opted for Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe in Downtown Disney. We’ve been here for lunch on our way out of town, but never breakfast. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the dining plan or not, this restaurant is simply fabulous. It’s a great bargain with good real food that doesn’t taste like fast food, and is a quick-service meal, so if you’re on the dining plan you’ll get your drink and dessert included.

Menu: I love that the menu includes things like omelets, waffles, and a classic breakfast. It offers vegetarian options, fruit, healthy choices, and yes, waffles with a giant dollop of whipped cream. We opted for the Breakfast Pizza and the Corn Flake French Toast, and found a seat at our favorite table to wait for our food.

Service: This restaurant, although quick service, is one of the few with waitstaff. Eva, our server, was exceptional, and provided wonderful, attentive service with a smile from start to finish. Our food didn’t take long at all, even though it was a weekend, which was a welcome surprise.

The French Toast: Oh. My. Word. The corn flakes were sweetly toasted and added the perfect crunch. Drizzled with sweet syrup, they never got soggy, and were the perfect consistency. The French Toast was more of a mix between French Toast and a bagel, and was sweet and cinnamony all rolled into one. The banana and strawberry medley on top was simply the perfect fruit blend for this entree, and the strawberries, especially, were perfectly ripe and sweet. Note: this entree was large enough for two 7-yr olds to share. The waffle is also large enough to share.

The Breakfast Pizza: The dough on this pizza is very light. You can eat (almost) the entire thing and not feel as if you have to be rolled out the door. The cheese, egg, and bacon combination was quite savory, and was missing… Absolutely nothing. Everyone loved it… Me, hubs, and even my 7 yr old had a slice. The size itself was huge, but again, with a light, non-heavy crust, the value was exceptional. You leave neither hungry, nor ready to pop a button on your khaki capris.

Family Friendliness:
This restaurant ranks high on the family friendliness scale. Great menu choices for kids for breakfast. Even picky eaters can find something here, and the a la carte options really help make sure as a non-dining plan diner, that you aren’t purchasing more food than your family will eat. There is not a separate kids BREAKFAST menu, so be sure and ask if something is large enough to be shared before you purchase more than one entree for kids.

Cost: My family of four left completely satiated with three full-size entrees, and four drinks for just a few pennies over $40. We also opted to tip our waitress, although it is not specifically required. (As a former waitress earning my way through college, those tips were very important to me!)

Service is wonderful. Menu offers healthy options as well as downright indulgent. Ranks high on family friendliness. The food is full of flavor, and leans more towards savory than sweet, empty calories.

I’m giving this restaurant five out of five forks for breakfast. Try it on your next trip!

°o° ~ Karen

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