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I’ve Been Working on the Railroad…

One of my to-do items for my recent trip was to scope out the current level of construction on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride. For those of you who rode Snow White’s Scary Adventure while it was open, you can see just by looking at the coaster rail that this ride is VERY different.

Imagineers have designed an amazing ride system that allows each mine car to individually swing back and forth as the train twists and turns along the track. I for one, cannot wait to see another true coaster ride open at the Magic Kingdom, and these rails just make me want to whip out my calendar and plan a trip for opening weekend.

Here’s a sneak peek. Mind you, if I were five feet taller, you’d have a much better peek but as it is, you’ll just have to oooh and aaah along with the rest of us who can barely see over the top of the imagineering wall.

See ya real soon,