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Goofy’s Candy Co Pineapple Spear – Like Heaven on a Stick

One of our favorite going-home rituals of Disney World is to stop at Downtown Disney and do some shopping. A little stop at World of Disney, some Christmas ornament shopping at Disney’s Days of Christmas, and yes, a stop at Goofy’s Candy Co.

Display cases full of yummy goodness like caramel Mickey apples, rice crispy treats, and handmade confections that are created all day long, right before your eyes. We use whatever snack credits we have left to get our favorite road trip goodies. Cotton Candy and gummy Mickeys for the kids, and for the hubs and I? Heaven on a Stick.

Otherwise known as a chocolate-covered-pineapple-spear.

It’s no ordinary piece of pineapple dipped in chocolate. No. This is like someone flew to Hawaii and picked a pineapple that day from the Dole farm. Then the chose the juiciest, fattest, most flavorful piece and magically brought it back to Orlando in exactly two minutes flat, dipped it in the most heavenly vat of chocolate you’ve ever tasted. Then dipped again. Then dipped again.

I don’t remember what prompted us to first try a pineapple spear, since normally I wouldn’t mix the two of those together. But it’s a must-get every time we go back. Try one on your next visit and let me know what you think!

°o° ~ Karen

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