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DisneyBounding: What Is It And How Can I Do It?

Whether you’ve never been to the parks, or you’re annual pass holders, you may not be aware of a trend within the inner circle of Disney fanatics. It’s called DisneyBounding. It’s very simple – take the “essence” of your favorite character and using pieces of your own wardrobe (to that of a friend) you simply recreate that essence.

Example: Snow White, as you would find her in the Magic Kingdom

Her basic attire essence is a yellow skirt, yellow bow shoes, a blue top, and red cape. 

The DisneyBounding version?

Yellow bottoms, blue top, red accent piece, yellow shoes, and accessorizing (only if you choose to!) with an adorable apple necklace and blue bracelet. All easy pieces that you may already have in your closet!  Got it?

Okay, this time, no hints… Who do you know that wears a white and blue dress, LOVES to read, and has a big blue bow in her hair?

Time’s up! It’s Belle! Now how easy would this be – a simple white shirt, blue skirt, book necklace, black shoes, and big blue blow? Super, super easy.

My favorite thing about DisneyBounding? It’s not just for kids! Anyone, any age, and size, any anything can DisneyBound! So go ahead, think of your favorite character, and imagine what you have in your own closet that you can throw together and start your own DisneyBounding adventure!  Pocahontas? Ariel? Elsa? Marie? Whatever you choose, you will be amazing!

See ya real soon!

ºoº ~ Karen

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