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Disney Magic 3-Night Bahamian Cruise: Captain’s Log, Day 1

It dawned on me that so many of our friends have never sailed on a Disney cruise. In fact here’s a confession for you: GARY (as in, Wish Upon A Star With Karen and GARY) has never sailed before. Chalk it up to a fear of leaving solid ground, he has never sailed with me on any of my cruises. Until now. And now? He’s hooked!
We thought we’d share our most recent 3-Night cruise with you, so you could see for yourself just how much you can have on a Disney cruise.

First thing to note: we are TERRIBLE parents. TERRIBLE. Why? Because we left the kids at home! This was education and training for us, and we wanted to see if a grown-up could enjoy their time with Disney as much as a kid could.
There are two ways to get to the port:
1) Drive
2) Be driven
If you drive, you can park in the adjacent parking structure. It’s fairly cheap and you can reserve and pay in advance, which we did. Once we parked, we walked our happy selves right over to the curb where a very sweet cast member wheeled our luggage away. (This is a view of the parking garage from inside our room. Just a short walk away!)
Next, it was off to be checked in and go through security.
Guess who got “special treatment” for leaving his belt buckle on? Tsk, tsk.
From there, it was up the escalator to the welcome desks, where the cast members are waiting to check you in. Here, you will:
Key To The World Card

1) Provide ID. (Passport, or in our case, a birth certificate* and drivers license.)
2) Confirm your room charges. (Are you paying cash for room charges, or leaving a card on file?)
3) Sign all paperwork
4) Receive your Key To The World Card.

From there it’s off to board the ship, and you are welcomed into the grand with pomp and circumstance. 

So now what? We stopped at our room to drop off our bags and headed over to eat. As you can see, our stateroom has plenty of room.

I often have folks asking me about the Navigator’s Verandah room. Here is the view. Personally, I didn’t mind the fact that the verandah is not wide open. (The Verandah space is full, but the area for you to view the ocean is the round, white space just past the sliding doors in this photo. But because I do get asked often, here it is for you to see. The verandah area is decorated nicely, with bench seating, a table, and this awesome map of our route. 
I thought the music notes from Candle On The Water made for a very romantic touch.
Now? Time to eat! All that driving can make a guy hungry!  Gary opted for a simple burger and fries with all the fixins. All the restaurants on the main pool deck are open and included in your fare.  
Next, it was off to “muster”. We had approximately 2 hours from the time we boarded to the muster station gathering time, and our muster station was “S”, which was inside one of the restaurants. The back of YOUR stateroom door will tell you where to meet. You MUST muster. If you forget to muster, THEY WILL come looking for you. All other ship services are closed during this time as well.
A few formalities and some safety training and you are ready to set sail.
Once you get to your station, give anyone with a day-glo vest your KTTW card, which they will scan so they know you are present and accounted for.  Then you’re free to begin (or continue!) your adventure.
Deck Party: We went. We partied. The Cast members handed out golden pompons.  We sang along with Mickey and the gang.  Good times. 
As the ship left port, we waved to the folks along the shore who were all waving at us, then walked around the ship and watched the waves.
There are folks that wave at you all the way out to the tip of the dock!
Goodbye, Florida! See ya real soon!
Next up: entertainment!

Our party had the second dining time, which means we saw our show first.
Off we head to the theater to see Twice Charmed.
Note: the show is free. If you purchase popcorn there is a charge. (Remember the rule: if it comes in packaging there’s a charge.  If there’s no packaging, it’s free!) You may bring in a drink you have already purchased, or bring a fountain drink cup from the dining deck.
Don’t worry, this was the encore! We do respect the “no photography” rule during the show!

Next, it’s on to Dinner! Our restaurant for the evening was Carioca’s, a Brazilian-themed restaurant with a bit of Carribean flair. Here’s the menu:

Gary and I enjoyed the Lobster Croquetes and Peruvian Causa. I will tell you that the menu is very authentic; you won’t find chicken fingers on the adult menu. It’s okay though! Don’t be afraid to try something new, just because it sounds different. If you like something, or don’t like something, ask your server. They’re there to help you! You may not realize this but your servers stay with you for the entire trip. Get to know them and they will do the same for you!  Soft drinks, teas, and coffee are included. Alcohol is extra, or they can uncork anything you’ve brought from your room. 

Everything was very fresh, with a wonderful mix of colors and flavors.
For dessert, I tried the Coconut Tres Leches. It was divine! 

Later, we deck-walked. We lounged. We toured the ship, checking out the kid spaces, the pools, and the night scene. Here are just a FEW of the events that you can partake on for Day/Night One:

Remember, all of your entertainment is included as well. If you choose to play Bingo, there is a charge for that. The more cards you have, the less the overall cost is. Also, the more you play (i.e., if you come back later to play) they will offer additional deals as well. 
Oh yes, and don’t forget we’ll be focusing on JUST the activities for families or adults. We’re saving the youth Captain’s Log for another day, this trip was all about the grown-ups! 

Each day, you’ll also be given a Personal Navigator. It details EVERYTHING that is available for you to do that day. Here’s an example:

Tip of the day: The first time I ever cruised with Disney, I didn’t realize that your room attendant comes in each day to make the bed, clean the restrooms, and tidy up the joint. So just keep that in mind as you are contemplating whether to toss your underclothes in a laundry bag or leave them strewn in a Hansel-and-Gretal-esque trail across the room. ;-) You’re welcome. 
Overall review: Three meals. One broadway-style show. Unlimited soft drinks. Ice cream. A movie. Relaxation. Dance party. 
Total spent out of pocket for this day? $0
~Karen & Gary